Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ok, that's ENOUGH!

I get the picture. I guess I shouldn't have complained about the snow yesterday. Yes, that's 19" of snow there. We were projected only to get 4-8". I guess they were wrong.

Here's a collage of a 360° of what my house and front yard look like. You can see my footprints in the snow. It was up past my knees. I had to go out to shovel a path for Max so he could go potty.
Here he is. The snow is almost taller than he is. He's trying to run here. Good Luck. Of course he couldn't go where I had shoveled for him.

Here's a view of the back deck. There's a patio set and a gas grill under all that snow!

After I took Max out, I had to go around the yard and try to knock some of the snow off the trees. The weight was making them bend to the ground and in some cases, breaking off large branches. The poor birch at the end of the drive didn't fare so well. One of the side branches was touching the ground and made the whole thing split, so we'll have to cut it off in Spring. I also had to pull one of the fallen branches from the large pines along the road. It had fallen right in the middle of the road. Boy was that sucker heavy! So much so that I could only move it right to the side of the road (at least out of the way). It didn't matter anyhow since no one was out. I haven't seen any cars today other than my dad who came to check on me and plow a path out the drive. Of course all this happens when I am home alone. It always does. I guess it didn't snow any up in Corry. I bet Carrick's gonna love it when he gets home. I swear that kid could live outdoors.
Mr. Lubert is here right now plowing out the bottom of the drive, thank goodness. I know I couldn't get out until that was done and I still have to dig my car out.

One bright spot of the day is that it is Qualifying Day for the Daytona 500. I'm always glad when the long season is over, but really ready when it starts back up. I've been watching NASCAR for a long time. I've been a fan of Kasey Kahne's since he started. I haven't gotten to go to any races in the past two years, but maybe this year! My favorite track is Bristol. The kids all have their favorite drivers too. Carrick's is Ryan Newman, Cade's is Jimmie Johnson, and Cole's is Kasey. Mark's was Sterling Marlin, but since he's retired he hasn't picked a new one. The kids used to watch entire races when they were just babies and sat in their bouncy chairs. They would watch and be content the whole time.
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  1. I had to do the same thing for my pup, and she wouldn't go, either, LOL! We got about 2 1/2, fun, fun!

  2. Didn't snow a bit here in Minnesota today. Kind of wish it would've, so I could have had a pajama day. :o) I think 19" is enough, too. Sure hope it is done!