Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Layouts For DW 2007

Finished up the two layouts I was hoping to get done for the challenge.
Here's the first based on May16th....

It looks a little wonky because of the scan and colors that doen't match.
Here's the second, based on May 1st....

You can check them out on 2peas also. See my link on the left.

Now, only 1 more to go! And only 1 day to do it in.

A busy Memorial Day weekend!

But I think we got lots done...worked on the front siding (didn't get done because we ran out and had to order more), completed the wainscoating on the porch ceiling (which I am now priming) and had a picnic at Grandma and Pa's house. I will post photos of the work later!

Why does it have to go straight from winter weather to summer!? It is already almost 90° here and it's not even June. The grass is already dying in patches because we haven't had enough rain. (Cut grass today too.) Crazy.

Carrick only has 5 more days of school. Have to formulate a plan to keep them busy this summer. Now that they are older I think we will go do some fun things like the zoo, childern's museum, etc.
I think that we will also have to implement this points chart from Lisa. Too much whining and back-talking going on here.

Off to do some scrapbooking. Need to finish up my layouts for the DW challenge.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh, No, it's only been one day!!!

How can they be driving me crazy already? They have only been home for one day! How can two little boys not be able to find something to do together outside without injuring themselves? UGH. I hope that summer will go better than today.

On a much brighter note (not) I went back to cleaning up all our junk in the garage. What a pain cleaning all the smoke damage from the trailer fire and just dinging out the junk. How do we accumulate so much STUFF? The big problem is this house is smaller than our last and some of the things we had just have no place here --like my china. We have no formal dining room here, so my Wedgewood china sits in boxes in the garage. And all my books because I have no bookshelf to put them on. Will have to work on that one.

The LOST finale was good, but it seemed to be drawn out more than it needed. Now if they would only bring back Jericho. That cancellation left me with too many unanswered thoughts. 77K people have signed the online petition to bring it back. Who knows.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MIA and Graduation Day

Yesterday I was MIA all day. Had one of my awful sinus problem days. Spent about 80% of the day in bed. Still felt bad this morning... congested and feeling the effects of all that allergy medicine. Yuck.

Today was the twins' graduation day! Hooray for them! So happy and sad at the same time. The days just seem to fly by. Their "Goodbye" song at the end of the program brought tears to my eyes. Carrick saw me and said he was happy too--what a sweetie. Now they will be all mine for three months until Kindergarten starts at the end of August. Carrick still has 2 more weeks of school.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Not Your Normal Monday

My day started at 3:25 with Carrick waking me up that he was sick. Soon after he threw up. Must have a viral infection...poor guy. He even stayed in bed most of the day. Hope he's better tomorrow.
The school days are winding down. Today was Cole and Cade's last normal day of pre-school. They have their graduation ceremony Weds. night. That should be a fun time. They enjoy school so much!

This weekend though, they were not quite so enjoyable. Pains in the behind to get to bed Friday and Saturday night and then they did this on Sunday.....Let's just say they were a real mess after squirting each other with the hose in the backyard. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but our backyard is mud from building the addition AND they had been in trouble for the same EXACT thing on Friday night! BOYS!
The day ended with a trip to Home Depot (we had to replace the porch ceiling we just installed because we used interior paneling-duh!) and dinner at Wendy's. Frostys for all!

Today was Max's first dog training session. It turned out good even though he was aggressive towards the other dogs and overly excited. Hopefully he will be better at the next session in two weeks! He learned to sit, lay, do doggie pushups, come to me, and spin (the first trick). He was tired out when it was over. Lots to work on this week.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just another Saturday

Not much going on here.
Just another Saturday.
Got some work done on the front porch -- columns boxed in. But not much else.
Mark was out of it today after being stupid last night.
The kids rode dirt bikes most of the day.
Went to Pondagrossa for supper. Made me wish I hadn't (as always).
Went to Home Depot for much needed nails.
Watched the All-Star Race- Harvick won. Kasey was in the pooper in 14th. Need to get that boy un-cursed.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Well, this is my second attempt to become a blogger. My last attempt only yielded one entry, so hopefully this one will go better.

Finished my FIRST layout for the monthly Designing with Calendar for the month of May. Here it is...
Working on teacher gifts and the house is not conductive to getting these pages done. Now I just have 3 more to do before the end of the month.
I cannot believe how big the boys have gotten already. Time just flies. Weren't they just little babies last month? Speaking of scrapbooking, I saw the coolest idea in the latest issue of Simple Scrapbooks. Check it out here--A Guide to Life .
What a cool idea. I plan on doing something like this for my boys. Got the Maya Road album already in prepartion. Now I just have to come up with the things I want to pass on to them!

I have been on such a Bruce Hornsby kick recently. Don't know why. He's been one of my favorites forever. Valley Road was the very first CD I ever bought. Hope to see him this year on tour--if only he would be somewhere closer. If you ever get the chance to go to one of his concerts, GO! It is such an awesome experience. He never has a set list. The audience gives his suggestions by throwing up pieces of paper to the stage and sometimes he even invites the audience to come up on stage and dance along! I have been to about 4 or 5 of his concerts and they are always a great time.

The twins got to celebrate their birthdays today at preschool since they are during the summer time. I am glad they do this as I never got to celebrate my birthday at school since it is in August (Carrick will celebrate his at the end of the month at Kindergarten.)

Looking forward to the All*Star Race this weekend (GO KASEY) and I hope that we get lots done on the house and have time for fun too. Want to take the kids to a racing complex nearby that has kart racing. Anything to go fast!