Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas Home

I thought I'd share some photos of my home decorated for the holidays. Our Christmas tree is artificial due to the fact that our house is very dry and the needles would be dropping soon after decorating! I also need a very thin tree for the space I have available. There are a ton of ornaments on the tree, some mine from when I was a kids, and many for my kids (we pick a new ornament each year, usually a Hallmark, and they will go with them when they start their own family).  *Please ignore the fact that we still do not have any railing on our stairs or that all the trim is not painted!*

The kids' Playmobile Advent scene. This is something we have done for about the past 5 years. Usually involves fighting as to whose turn it is to put the piece on, but this year oldest DS made out a list for each day and that has cut down on the fighting!
My wonderful hutch that I got many years ago. It holds some of my china, cookbooks, kids activity books, silverware, and other odds and ends. Right now it has a display of my Santas, vintage pieces and the big ceramic Nativity set my mom made for me while I was in High School.

  My chandelier in the dining room all decorated up.
 Feather tree and various new and vintage items on my victorian side table.

 Collection of music boxes and snowglobes on the windowsill.

 Collection of snowmen on top of the TV.

 The cozy fireplace and decorated mantle.

 Shelves I made in my kitchen. Vintage-y Christmas. Most of the decorations found at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I love it when I find Bethany Lowe, Nicol Sayre and similar products there!

My Cat's Meow Colonial Williamsburg houses on top of my cabinets.

 And the door to my pantry.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! Have a wonderful holiday!

My Special Furniture Piece

I just got this piece. It's not an expensive antique, but to me it's priceless. It was my grandmother's china cabinet. It had been stored for many years in my aunt's garage, but now it is mine. The piece is probably from the 40s, but I'm not sure. My dad has 9 brothers and sisters, so money was not something that they had to spare. That's why it's special to have this piece. I think it is the only material thing I have from my grandparents. My grandfather died when I was pretty young and I was probably 12 when my grandmother died.
Now I need to find a place for it in my home. I don't have a lot of wall space, so I am limited as to where it will reside. It does need a through cleaning and polishing. But I am so happy it is here.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

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