Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feeling Better Now

I've been missing due to the fact that I ended up with H1N1. The Dr. wouldn't give me Tamiflu because I never got a fever. Bah. Didn't she read that not all cases get a fever?
Then I ended up with a horrible sinus headache for 2 days. I just have to let those run their course. No amount of meds seem to help.
But now I am feeling better.

Here are three layouts I did before I got sick.

Finished some photos I had laying around since last Christmas. I had to reprint them because they had faded so much! I got some glitter mist that I just love. It's called Marshmallow and it is shimmery and somewhat clear. Just makes a nice sheen over the whole layout. I also like how it curls the paper a little to make the parts more distinguishable. Not for all pages, but some.

I've been working on many of my knitting projects for presents. Not as fun when you are on a schedule.

Carrick's room got cleaned and moved around. He sure is a packrat! Wonder where he gets that?
Ha ha. Gives him more room and even room for a chair to sit in read in. Now I just have to clean up the rest of the house. And I need the motivation. I guess the fact that Thanksgiving is next week should be motivation enough. I did get the front porch steps repainted yesterday and some of the Christmas lights hung...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you to all the Veterans!

We appreciate your service and what you give up for us everyday.
Thank you.

image courtesy Just Something I Made