Friday, February 5, 2010

The Blahs...

Not looking forward to the snow we are going to get today and tomorrow. Right now (11:00 am) it hasn't started yet, but it will soon.

Ok, I admit it. I hate winter. I liked Winter when I was young and played in the snow, but now it hate when it gets cold and things die off.
I guess that I should live where it is warm year-round but the family would have none of that. In fact, they are going skiing this weekend (not me, I don't know how to ski). I guess a lot of it stems from the fact that I get so cold so quickly when I am outside. I can never keep my fingers and toes warm no matter how many layers I have on. I guess I must have Raynaud's disease.

Oh, well. I can dream of warmer temps and look at these photos to remind me of that. The top photo was from our trip to the Outer Banks this past Labor Day. The other photo is from the yearly Pig Roast held in July 4th weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This was the 17th annual (anniversaries + 1)!

The kids have a ball playing in Grandpa Bundy's (nicknamed after Al Bundy) creek (that is pronounced crick here in Western PA). They spend all day building a dam with rocks.

Not much work on the homefront. Here's what the fireplace looks like. The top piece is attached with Liquid Nail. Not sure if I will add the side pieces. I also don't know if I should paint the fireplace white. I like the wood, but the problem is that the mantle top is a different color than the rest of the mantle. So I would have to stain it somehow to get it to match. My original paln was to paint it, but I liked the plain wood after it was put up. What do you think?
I did decide on this tile. I had bought the other marble subway tile, but it was too much in such a small area around the firebox. I think this will be a better alternative. I will show it off when I get it done (hopefully soon!). I also plan on getting some painting done along with Spring cleaning at the same time since I have to move things out of the way.

Here is my latest piece. It is about 3/4th done. I still have to finish it with the addition of a collar and some finishing touches. This is what it looks like after molding, painting, glittering and sealing. I hope to have it listed today or tomorrow on Etsy after it dries and I can finish it.
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  1. beautiful fireplace! i'd probably paint it if it were mine, since it looks like you other trim is painted.