Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just when I thought it was over....

....It wasn't. The next team up from Carrick's had won their play off game that week, so they asked for some the kids that would be moving up next year to come practice with them. Carrick was all excited. That was until he did one practice with them. He found out if was a lot more work than he did in Termites. While I did feel bad for him, I didn't give into his pleas to let him stay home the second night because "it was boring, I'm tired, I don't want to go...". I was brought up that when you start something, you have to follow through and finish it. So, that meant he was going. I figured it was because the kids were bigger (and hit harder) and because it was a lot more work. At any rate, I had a very sullen and mad little football player on my hands.

After days 2 and 3 there wasn't any more complaining. He got used to it and I think he even enjoyed it. I told him he was lucky to get this opportunity, that now he had an edge on many of his teammates that would be playing next year (only about 5 boys from the Termite team did this for the Mitey-Mite team). That his coaches would know him and he'd have a better chance of playing next year because of it. He did end up thanking me for making him go.

In the end, the boys that moved up for the week got to dress for the playoff game last Sunday. They didn't get to play, but I think it was still exciting that they got to be there. The team ended up losing 46-0. I felt so bad for the boys on the team. It must be so hard to come that far and then hae a game like that. But it was a really good season. And we're happy for the time off before hockey starts, but I know they are looking forward to next year (and I am too). Sometime I'll tell you the story about how I was a Freedom Lil' Bulldog too.
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Pumpkin Carving Time

It's that time of year again! Time for the boys to carve their pumpkins. I got three interesting specimens (the pumpkins, not the kids!) at Walmart for $3 each. This was the first year for each of them to take out their own pumpkin "guts". Cade still ended up asking me to take over shortly after starting.

Take at a look at Cole's face. He thought the "guts" felt weird.

After cleaning them all out, they started to work on their faces. I had to help Cade and Cole out a little with the cutting, but Carrick did his all on his own.

Here's the final product. Aren't they cute? Cade's is first, Cole's is second, and Carrick's is last. Tonight is Trick-or-Treat night. Kinda weird to have it so many days from Halloween, but that's the way they do it here (not on Fridays because of football games, not on Sunday because it is Sunday...). At least it won't be too cold or rainy. The kids are counting down the hours... and their school party is tomorrow.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Day of Regular Season Practice!

taken in early August 2010

It is so hard to believe that today is the last day of regular season football practice. Where has the time gone? 11 Weeks. This week has been the worst weather-wise. Cold and rainy all week and it gets dark so early now that practice ends at 7:15! At least this practice will be nice -- no rain and 65°.

Blackhawk vs. Freedom Termites - 10/2/10

The boys pulled off another big this last weekend. They were really fired up! (I guess it's all those Hit-Its Coach made them do before the game!)
They are now 4-1-0 in the division, 4-2-0 overall. This week they play against an undefeated team, the Ellwood City Wolverines. If they pull off another win, they will be tied for Division Champs and will have a better seed for the playoffs. They really have worked hard this year as a team. And overcome adversity (one player's mom died just a few weeks ago). What an awesome group of boys. There are 34 of them on the team and not a single one quit. This is a team that won only 1 game last year. That is a tribute to the new coaches and the boys!

If you can spare a minute, they'd love to hear your comments!

Final Score : Lil' Bulldogs 33, Cougars 7  


Monday, October 4, 2010

My Newer Chair

This is my old chair that I bought probably over 12 years ago. It is a antique rosewood chair that I use as my chair at my computer desk. As you can see, the fabric on the seat has seen better days. I decided to redo it myself with some fabric I had found at Joann's.
Here's one of the fabrics. A Tommy Bahama fabric that is heavy-weight and I got for over 70% off. I used the wrong side because it matched better with the fabric I used on the top. I also used the wrong side of that fabric because the right side was too shiny.
I started on the top and back of the chair. I got the nailheads from eBay. I just took my time and worked each side so that it was equal and pinned it in place before I started so that it wouldn't move.
And here is the final product. It only took me most of the summer, because I started on the back and then got to doing other things... but now it is finally done!