Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Christmas That Was...

Well, the fireplace mantle didn't get done (as you can see), but we at least got the fireplace and mantle installed. This was a shot I took Christmas Eve after putting together a basketball hoop (note: do not try to put kids' toys together at home…they couldn't sleep and ruined the surprise).
Here they are in the mad scramble to open all their gifts! I think that everyone got what they wanted.

And finally here is a shot of the house with a beautiful covering of snow. This was a week ago. I no longer think the snow is beautiful and wish it would go away. It has snowed here and been very cold. Hasn't been over 30° here in over a week I think. Ignore the unpainted trim on the eves of the house. We'll get to it ­— I promise!

I haven't posted in a while because I have been working on something new that hopefully will be a successful venture. I'll give you a hint and say it has something to do with candy molds, but it's not edible.
I also changed up the blog a little and added a design. Like it?
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