Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Finally Did it!

Today I finally got my act together and opened up my Etsy shop! I only have one item there currently, but I have two more to finish up in the next two days. They are two chick boxes, one for Valentine's Day and one for Easter.
Here are my little hockey players. They had their first time at hockey school this week. Even though they aren't the best skaters yet, they still loved it. It is so funny to see all those little kids out there skating. Some are expert skaters, while others had issues with letting go of the wall (luckily mine can skate on their own).
And here is a photo of my kitchen right after a bomb went off. No, no bomb...but it does look like it. I was cleaning out cabinets and moving around the dishes. I also got my grandmother's Depression glass out of storage. She had a lot of it, mostly in the American Sweetheart pattern. There are a few dishes of other patterns, just one here, one there, so I may sell those ones. Some of the prices of that stuff is crazy!
I also put away all of these Christmas ornaments. I hate this task! It's just such a pain and so sad to take the tree down. I still have one more to do in the "Man Cave" upstairs. That one is not as big, but I still am not looking forward to it!
Have good weekend!
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