Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Patriotic Day

Last night was the PTA Veteran's Day Program featuring the 3rd Graders. I didn't get very good photos as you can see above, but they are still precious. It was wonderful to see all the Veterans get a little recognition. I was surprised to see how many in the audience were Veterans. I brought a tear to my eye and a swell in my heart.
The students sang about 5 songs and some of the students were picked to read their poems they wrote. Cade was picked, but Cole was not. He was upset about this because he thought his poem was better than his classmates, and also I think because Cade got to read his.

I voted this morning too. I was number 184 I think (at about 10:30). Mark voted before he went to work at was 7th in line. I am so glad that I have the right to vote. I hope you all vote too!
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