Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Change of Seasons

Here's all the Halloween stuff together, ready to be put away for another year. Sad to see it all go, but it's time to move on to the next season! And it's almost Christmas. I love to decorate for each season.

The mantle was all cleaned off and is ready for Thanksgiving/Fall decorating.

Last night I did my weekly shopping. I had plenty of places to go (returns at Michaels and Target), prescription to pick up at Walgreens, Kohls to look at sweatshirts for the Coaches gift (I'll get your opinion on this soon), and my grocery/household shopping
at Walmart. I also made a stop at Marshalls for pants for DH. I love to see what I can find there and I know that when I find something I like, I'd better buy it or be out of luck. Last night I found Shiny-Brite ornaments, KD Sparkling Icicles and a bottlebrush tree. All for about $25. I love to decorate for Christmas (my kids do, too) and I like to change it up each year with a few new things. When I put things away for the season, I go through what I haven't used in a while and decide if it is "keep" or "pitch". If it is still useable, I donate it to the Veterans. Otherwise I throw it away. I no longer have the space or inclination to keep everything just in case I might use it.

If you are ready to get in the Christmas spirit, check out Amy Powers Inspired Ideas Christmas magazine.
It has so many great ideas for crafting and inspiration!

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