Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm thinking of Christmas...!, that is! I like to get mine done early and out of the way. In the past I have done a yearly wrap-up letter, but this year I think I'll just stick to the card. I picked up my cards in the beginning of summer. Summer, yes! I know that this is the best time to pick them up at the Hallmark store in the clearance section. I think that I got a box of cards for around $3.50, so that equals about .29¢ each! (I bought 5 boxes.)

I also like to include a photo card each year so that those we longer see on a regular basis can see how the kids have grown. I love all the options they have at Shutterfly. Something for everyone! You can see for yourself here. I think that I will be picking "Merry & Bright".

The size works with my card and I like the clean design. Now I just have to get the kids to cooperate in the photo-taking department!

I also usually do a yearly calendar for relatives each year. Works well for those "you-don't-know-what-to-buy" people on your list. I have ordered yearly calendars from Shutterfly in the past and they were high-quality and looked great. They also shipped fast, too. Not sure if I will go with a Desk Calendar or a Wall Calendar .  What's even better, they're on sale right now, 30% off after you buy the first one at full-price!

I really like the Photo Gallery Style and the fact that you can add in dates to be printed right on the calendar.

So there you have it. Easier ways to get some of that Christmas stuff done before the rush starts! Now I'd better get cracking!

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