Monday, September 13, 2010

They Won!

The final score. A Sunday afternoon game vs. the Rochester Rams and a game that counts on the record. They are 2-0.

Cade (30) and Cole (55) got to be Captains for the team and went out for the coin toss.

The boys in action. Carrick (61) is in this photo on the line. Hats off to the Coach who got all the kids into play. He understands that kids do get hurt and it's a good idea to get everyone in to play so they have the experience and can fit in when they have to. That's why the final score was close -- he left the 2nd string in to play most of the 2nd half. All the boys had a great game. Carrick started both offense and defense, Cole played Guard on offense for most of the 2nd half and has his defender pushed clear into the backfield most of the time, and Cade made a kick-off recovery! So proud of them.
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