Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh, No, it's only been one day!!!

How can they be driving me crazy already? They have only been home for one day! How can two little boys not be able to find something to do together outside without injuring themselves? UGH. I hope that summer will go better than today.

On a much brighter note (not) I went back to cleaning up all our junk in the garage. What a pain cleaning all the smoke damage from the trailer fire and just dinging out the junk. How do we accumulate so much STUFF? The big problem is this house is smaller than our last and some of the things we had just have no place here --like my china. We have no formal dining room here, so my Wedgewood china sits in boxes in the garage. And all my books because I have no bookshelf to put them on. Will have to work on that one.

The LOST finale was good, but it seemed to be drawn out more than it needed. Now if they would only bring back Jericho. That cancellation left me with too many unanswered thoughts. 77K people have signed the online petition to bring it back. Who knows.

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