Monday, May 21, 2007

Not Your Normal Monday

My day started at 3:25 with Carrick waking me up that he was sick. Soon after he threw up. Must have a viral infection...poor guy. He even stayed in bed most of the day. Hope he's better tomorrow.
The school days are winding down. Today was Cole and Cade's last normal day of pre-school. They have their graduation ceremony Weds. night. That should be a fun time. They enjoy school so much!

This weekend though, they were not quite so enjoyable. Pains in the behind to get to bed Friday and Saturday night and then they did this on Sunday.....Let's just say they were a real mess after squirting each other with the hose in the backyard. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but our backyard is mud from building the addition AND they had been in trouble for the same EXACT thing on Friday night! BOYS!
The day ended with a trip to Home Depot (we had to replace the porch ceiling we just installed because we used interior paneling-duh!) and dinner at Wendy's. Frostys for all!

Today was Max's first dog training session. It turned out good even though he was aggressive towards the other dogs and overly excited. Hopefully he will be better at the next session in two weeks! He learned to sit, lay, do doggie pushups, come to me, and spin (the first trick). He was tired out when it was over. Lots to work on this week.

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