Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A busy Memorial Day weekend!

But I think we got lots done...worked on the front siding (didn't get done because we ran out and had to order more), completed the wainscoating on the porch ceiling (which I am now priming) and had a picnic at Grandma and Pa's house. I will post photos of the work later!

Why does it have to go straight from winter weather to summer!? It is already almost 90° here and it's not even June. The grass is already dying in patches because we haven't had enough rain. (Cut grass today too.) Crazy.

Carrick only has 5 more days of school. Have to formulate a plan to keep them busy this summer. Now that they are older I think we will go do some fun things like the zoo, childern's museum, etc.
I think that we will also have to implement this points chart from Lisa. Too much whining and back-talking going on here.

Off to do some scrapbooking. Need to finish up my layouts for the DW challenge.

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