Monday, October 4, 2010

My Newer Chair

This is my old chair that I bought probably over 12 years ago. It is a antique rosewood chair that I use as my chair at my computer desk. As you can see, the fabric on the seat has seen better days. I decided to redo it myself with some fabric I had found at Joann's.
Here's one of the fabrics. A Tommy Bahama fabric that is heavy-weight and I got for over 70% off. I used the wrong side because it matched better with the fabric I used on the top. I also used the wrong side of that fabric because the right side was too shiny.
I started on the top and back of the chair. I got the nailheads from eBay. I just took my time and worked each side so that it was equal and pinned it in place before I started so that it wouldn't move.
And here is the final product. It only took me most of the summer, because I started on the back and then got to doing other things... but now it is finally done!

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