Friday, June 18, 2010

Last weekend's work and this one too.

Here's Max on the way up to my FIL's. It's about a 2 hour trip from our house.
We decided that he needed to have a bathroom redo. Since we have the Pig Roast there every year for a long weekend, it used to get a big workout. That was before we got the port-o-potty, but now it mostly gets used by a few for showers. The bath was over 30 years old and needed a big update. It's pretty small (5'x9') and was BLUE (blue toilet, blue bath tub, blue wall paper). I forgot to take before photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it! The whole demo took us probably only 4 hours.

Here is Carrick standing where the tub now sits.

The same shot without Carrick.
The opposite side where the sink cabinet goes. The missing drywall on the side wall was due to a leaky toilet and water damage. We'll replace with green board.
As it was late in the day on Sunday when we finished, I didn't take any final photos. We had completed installing the tub and changes to the plumbing (I did all the soldering!) and then the floor tile was installed so that I could grout ASAP when we return this weekend. We were all exhausted after all that work and the heat. Here's Cole and Cade on the way home.

In my next post next week I'll tell you about all my design choices. We pretty much did the whole bathroom for less than 3K!

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