Thursday, June 10, 2010


We had a bit of a flood yesterday! We've had rain and storms pretty close to everyday for the past week. Yesterday it rained and poured. And this was the result. The little creek beside our house went over it's banks. That chair you see there is sitting on our bridge (hidden under the water) to the pasture on the other side.
Here's the shot up the creek. Normally this is maybe 3" deep and sometimes it even dries up in the summer.
Shot down the creek where it goes under the road. Normally there is a bank here that goes out about 4 feet from the bottom of the pines.
Here's where two parts of the creek come together.  Looks more like a pond!
Good thing our house was built was up on a hill away from this. But even though we are, our basement is quite damp due to the old stone basement and the fact that our dehumidifier just died. Anyone have a good suggestion for a new one?


  1. Ours is NOISY, so my only advice is try and see how loud it is when you buy a new one.