Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Found!

Boy. I have been missing for a long time! Summer was so short it seems.

We started with Football practice on July 25th and that seemed to cut our summer short. Practice everyday from 6-8. I'm glad that the boys wanted to play. My brother played for many years when he was younger and I even was the Manager (water girl) of his team for a year! So I don't mind the expense of time lost... and they enjoy playing. We have 2 games to go to each week (sometimes 3 if there is a scrimmage).

The other events of the summer were going to stay at my parents' cabin at Jamestown, PA; a wedding of two of our friends, and a week at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The Outer Banks vacation was over Labor Day so that the kids didn't miss that much school. Too bad the weather was less than cooperative. It rained about 1/2 the trip.

This week we have
  • bookfair
  • Open House
  • 2 football games
  • orthodontist appointment
  • new freezer delivery.
Good Luck with getting too much done. At least I got the grocery shopping done yesterday!

P.S. - I uploaded a bunch of layouts to Studio Calico today. Check em out.


  1. good grief ... your schedule sounds exhausting!! hang in there!

  2. Welcome back! You certainly did have a busy summer and an even busier upcoming week. Enjoy the football games. I love kid's sports. :o)